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Old Peoples Riding Club | A riding club for the over 21 equestrian and for all disciplines!
" …for the learning experience, the fun, the camaraderie; not the ribbon, or the glory, but for the memories ..."
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Rhythm Riders was created by a group of four friends who love to ride together, and were all looking for something a little bit different after trying out several existing local riding clubs.   After speaking with the national office of The Old People’s Riding Club (OPRC), an organization based on education and over age of 21 membership, Rhythm Riders OPRC was born.  The organization’s focus on camaraderie, enjoyment, education, acceptance of all breeds and disciplines is very appealing for busy adult riders!  The founders,  Kara Waldron, Jess Edwards, Meri Breault, and Rebecca Cyr,  are all accomplished equestrians from varied riding backgrounds, bringing  different perspectives and  ideas to the club. “We are very beginner friendly”, states the club president Kara Waldron, “...but we are also very big on horse and rider safety. There is nothing worse than going to an event and having to worry someone may get hurt or are in over their heads. Of course, accidents happen, but the ratings give our members a clear understanding of what is expected of them. We want everyone to be safe and have fun!” 

       Ever wanted to attend a fox hunt, try cow sorting, cross country, or versatility and laugh while working out the kinks? Then this club is for you. With the hopes of hosting clinics seasonally, there are many other educational opportunities.  This is the perfect outlet for adult riders who are looking for fun goals, in a supportive environment.  

If you’re not into competing at shows or testing to higher level ratings, there are still many other activities for you and your horse to do. “We plan on offering an in club mileage program that is attainable for any level of rider.  You don’t have to ride 100 miles with us to be rewarded” offers Rebecca Cyr, Vice President.  Travel and advocating for bridle paths and the equine industry as a whole is another passion for these ladies. “Sometimes as riders we get stuck in patterns, we ride the same trails, show the same shows at the same locations with the same people.” states Jess Edwards, the club treasurer;  “...There are so many possibilities, so many disciplines, and of course so many trails to explore, and it’s always more fun to do it with your friends”!

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Join us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/rhythmridersoprc

10:00am on Saturday 10th April 2021  -  Welcome Brunch and Pleasure Ride

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